Tuesday, March 15, 2016



This week was awesome.  Just awesome.  

We were contacting, and my companion needed to use the restroom.  Great way to start a story, right?  We talked to an 80 year old man, sipping mate, and he gave us directions to find the neighborhood bathroom.  We follow his directions and there are two houses right next to each other, separated by only a foot and a half of space.  You have to squeeze in between the houses and the bathroom is in the back.  We slip back there and while my comp is in the bathroom, an old guy comes out of his hut.  He just lives in a really weird situated place.  We would have never found him if we hadn`t asked to use the bathroom haha The man is named Fransisco, 60 years old, and lives alone in his little hut.  We pulled out chairs and started to teach him.  We have taught him every single day this past week.  After two lessons on prayer, he finally said his first personal, simple prayer, and after teaching him the Restoration, he accepted a baptism date for April 9th.  We picked him up and he walked to church with us this past Sunday.  The man is awesome.  He has the most pure heart. He loves telling stories and laughing and he calls us ´´Amigos.´´ God works miracles.

We have been visiting the many inactive members that are here in Victoria.  Lots of them have bad feelings for other members or people, and that`s why a lot of people are inactive.  I remember two occasions talking with these inactives.  1. Pray to know what God wants you to do.  Don`t go to church for anyone else but God.  I love the example of Christ. He always does the will of the Father.  2. Apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to your life.  I can testify that Christ takes away any bad feeling or pain, and he replaces it with joy, and hope, and peace.  
On the mission, I have been just trying to do God`s will and apply the Atonement to my life. It has been the greatest experience.  May we always continue to seek God`s will and repent, we are all doing it together. 

I love you all!
Elder Maynard

 Splits with Elder Marques from colombia, I bought the dude his first facturas, living in argentina for a month without a factura... what a shame

And I have a fanaticism for pepas 
 I made peanut butter toast and thought of mom
Us walking with our new investigator fransisco to church! 

Facturas en Santa Fe 
 Santa Fe bridge
 We got caught in the rain and i was soaking wet
 On our way to a service project 
 We cleaned up a backyard for a member and I took a selfie of our garbage pile
 A view of Victoria
 The crew with the service project
 Blinding selfie in the street
 The chapel of Victoria
 We taught an awesome Sunday school class
 La iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias
 The streets
 Celebrating 10 months
 We baught facturas

Then we bought ice cream

Argentina is the best 
Ice cream
I ripped my pants on a car bumper and sewed them back up. I was proud of myself
I love Argentina

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