Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ojas Blancas

Hey Everyone!

Out here in the mission, it`s a lot of fun.  You`re dead tired every day, but you still have fun. Does that make sense? I was so tired every day this week, but I found moments were I was laughing.  Why am I laughing? I am too tired to laugh.  The gospel brings joy.  That`s why I laugh and that`s why I still have a good time.  Mosiah 2: 41 If you aren`t happy, you aren`t doing it right, but that`s ok because we can change until we are happy.
Well, we are out here in a new area. We are both new here, we don`t have any investigators, and we don`t know the city very well.  We have been walking the streets knocking doors and talking to people sitting outside. People have run away hiding, they send their kids to the door to lie and say they’re not home. It`s pretty funny haha What else? They act like they can`t hear us.  They crack open the door and yell ``I`m catholic,`` They think by telling us that they are catholic that we will go away, but It doesn`t work haha People are funny.  The mission is an adventure.  With all the contacting we have a few appointments planned for the upcoming week. We will see how it goes.
I have been reading the Book of Mormon.  I guess that I am always reading the Book of Mormon, but it is amazing.  Every day I just want to keep reading.  I just get lost in the pages.  Every time I read it I have a peace within me.  This peace tells me every day that it is true.  Every day it gives me a strength and an excitement.  I know that God speaks to me through its pages.  I know it is true.  I have asked God many times if it is true, and He keeps answering me, and I keep moving forward. The church is true.
Congratulations to my beautiful little sister Jessica and her baptism the past week!  You are awesome crazy baby!  Have a great week everyone!  Press Forward with Faith! Be happy! Love you all!
Con amor,
Elder Maynard

Some pics of my new city

 Early in the morning. 5 am bus ahhhh

 Elder steben was elder fillerups comp before me and hes going home this transfer

 Me and the comp swiping some flan sooo good

 Hna Robledo from esperanza is already going home :O  Time flies

 onsejo de lideres!

 My streets!!!

 Sunday morning selfies con mi amigo mexicano

 Victoria Entre Rios Argentina

 Hey Dad! I promised you a pic with my first pancho.  It took me 10 months but I got it!!! And wow it was delicious.  Jam, cheddar, fries, mayonaise, chimmi churri

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